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How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Hey Lovely Ladies!

When was the last time you gave your makeup brushes a good clean? I’m hoping not too long! Dirty brushes carry tons of bacteria and can cause a range of problems from break outs to infections.

I personally try to wash mine on a weekly basis. If you’re a daily makeup user and don’t want to go barefaced while your brushes dry, you can always buy an extra or travel set of your essential brushes to get you through a day or two.

There are a lot of ways to clean your brushes and products to use; to be honest, all you need is an anti-bacterial soap to get the job done. (I’ve even used hair shampoo.)

Simply dip the brush in the soap. I personally mix in coconut oil to help break the makeup down. Gently scrub the brush and rinse. THAT’S ALL!

I initially felt this post wasn’t worth making until I realized how many women do not wash their brushes regularly. If this only serves as a friendly reminder to do so, I’m completely fine with that. 😉

Until next time….


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