Hey Lovely Ladies, Gorgeous Gents & Crazy Kids!

My name is Kandace, but feel free to call me Kandee. I started my photography journey in 2014 and seem to be growing a greater appreciation for what I do with each year that passes. I believe capturing a moment in time is one of the most special gifts we can give to someone. I take pride in delivering images that allow you to relive special moments, feel more confident, and see the natural beauty in the world around us. Your memories and your story are incredibly important to me.

Just a Few Fun Facts:

– I’m an INFJ.

– I want to be multilingual! I’m currently working towards becoming conversational in Spanish.

– I am the Program Coordinator at a group home for teenage boys in foster care. Click here to learn about our awesome program!

– In 2019, I discovered I LOVE traveling. I’d love to hear your recommendations for my next trip.